Lara’s Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I had so much fun.

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islands of Papua

Located of northwest tip of the birds head peninsula on the islands of new guinea in indonesias west papua province of the four kings is an archipelago comprising  over 1,500 small island cay, and shoal surrounding the four main islands of misool, salawati and batanta and waigeo and the smaller islands of kofiau.

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Hey, do you remember it was Halloween yesterday? I do. Yesterday me and my friend Eva went trick or treating. We had so much fun. When we were trick or treating, we came to this house where it was so scary that me and Eva were screaming. It was a house with turns like it was a labyrinth and people were popping out of nowhere. It was super freaky and the scariest house we went to.

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My Trip to Papua

Papua is where my family’s making a hotel that’s called Papua explorers. A short name for it is Papex. this was my first time going to Papua i was so excited to go to Papua. To go to Papua it takes a really long time to get there. You have to leave your house at night around 11or 12 oclock. Then you have two hour flight. Then your in Macsar then you wait 2 to 3 hours. Then you go on the plane again and you have a 2 hour flight again. when i got to Papua the things i wanted to do really happend and these are the things i wanted to do go swimming and go in the jungle. One day a person that works in our hotel got a snake it was not so big but it was cute. i think if you go to papex you will proply in enjoy it




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no buy season

Me and my family is having a no buy season. A no buy season is when you don’t buy anything except things you really really need. That’s a no buy season. My mother said that a no buy season will teach you that you should not buy things you want but don’t need. Also to learn to appreciate our stuff. For me and my mother it was pretty hard because there are so many things for as girls.

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you should not spend your whole day on electronics its just not good for your eyes and you can’t learn anything from it

you should go out doors and have and forget about the computer play on your bike or invite friends climb a tree have

fun with your life do not just spend your whole life on the computer it’s not healthy these are things I like to do cooking

gymnastics piano and to read books these are some stuff I like to do

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my kittten

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Raising a kitten is the most fun thing you’ll ever do but it’s also big responsibility. I buyed my kitten this Saturday 2013 Aug.17 i was really excited for a while then i said mom will we be able to get the cat and my mom replayed yes if the kitten are not sold out yet then we went shopping for the cat we both some sand,food and a pilow we also went looking for a bed unfortunately¬† we could not find any then we went to pick up the kitten me and my brother were talking about it the hole time then we finly arived me and arda jumped out of the car and went to see kittens i saw my friend there to so we chat and chat until my friend sayed good buy and we left.

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Maroon Clownfish

When I was snorkeling in Papua Explorers, I saw a Clown fish and I wondered what the name was because it was unusually bigger than the other clown fish and it had a dark red color. After I went out of the sea I searched up what the name was and when I read about it, I learnt that the name was maroon clown fish and this is what Wikipedia said about it the maroon clown fish:

Premnas Bielculeaca is a species of clown fish that is found in the Indo-Pacific from Western Indonesia to Taiwan and the great Barrier reef. The golden stripe maroon clown fish is the largest species of clown fish. It can reach up to 6 inches. It has a maroon body coloration  with the wide yellow stripe. There is another strain of maroon clown fish stripe of maroon clown. This variation looks similar to the golden stripe clown fish with three narrow white stripes. The maroon clown fish belongs to the genus Premnas and it therefore different then all the other species of clown fish which belong to the Amphipirtion.

And this is a picture of a Maroon Clown-fish that my dad took.


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