Marine Megafauna Foundation

MR fundraising poster

I’m volunteering for this foundation to raise 5,000USD. I want to help people realize that killing mantas and and eating them is just cruel. Mantas are also a part of nature and they deserve better. People are making big businesses for fisheries who are selling their gills to be used in soups and traditional Chinese medicine which is a horrible thing. People have to stop this. Mantas are a part of life there like us. Think about it, if you were a Manta how would you feel? Think about that, would you want to be hunted down? Every year Mantas are decreasing because people are killing them to make useless things people have to STOP. Its just a matter of time till they don’t live anymore. You have to help stop this. Please help me and my fellow mantas.

There are many ways you can join the Marine Megafauna Foundation and support our work! Our three most popular ways include: our Marine Guardian Program, our Adopt-a-Giant Program and our Megafauna Sponsorship Program.

If you would simply like to send a donation to support MMF in general or any of our specific research programs (Manta Ray Program, Whale Shark Program, Sea Turtle Program, Conservation Program, Education Program) you can nominate your own donation amount or send a check to The Marine Megafauna Foundation at 3024 Frandoras Circle Oakley, California, 94561 USA. Which ever method you choose, please make a notation of what you would like your donation to go towards! And write me back about the amount you donated, so I can track whether I approach to my goal of raising 5000 USD or not.

Thank you for choosing to support our vital research and helping us to safeguard these magnificent sea creatures for future generations!

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