My Vacation

I went to Turkey. I was so excited because I have not seen it there for a long time. When I got there I was so happy, but the bad  thing  was that our luggage  came one hour after we landed at Istanbul. Later we went to go find my grandma and grandpa so we could go to their house to stay for a week. That week we got to do many fun stuff with my family with my aunts ,uncles, cousins and my new baby cousin who was so cute. We went  to a park that I`ve been going to since I was little. I really enjoyed going there.

Then we were going to go on a road trip to Izmir, Cesme, Ayvalik and last but not least Bodrum. It was so fun in Cesme because  you can eat ice cream in a melon and it was really really good and we also went to a castle which was so cool. For dinner we had this really nice meat . At Ayvalek we went on a boat ride that was really fun. The fish was delicious. In Izmir i ate the best toast in my life but i was very sick so i was not so happy. i had really high fever but it got better.

Then we went to Bodrum, the highlight of my vacation. All aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa, and my cousins. We went to the Bodrum castle it was very cool. While swimming the water was so cold like ice. Bodrums fish was the best and so so so so delicious. Then we had to go back to Jakarta.

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