my trip to papua

shhhhhhh! i am in the plane i am not suppose to be no the computer i am scared that iam gonna get goth here comes the waiter here comes an anaonsing (The plane is going to land fasten your seat belt) i did i looked out the window and said wow it looks beautiful from up here i could feel the plane going down the captain opened up th e wheels and we landed in makasar but that’s not where we were going we were going to Papua for our spring break we landed in makasar for the plan change ahhhhhhhh! i said were gonna wait here for 3 hours i cant wait that long i will probably fall a sleep cause im tired from staying awake since 9:30 to 1:30 it to longgggg any way we went to star bucks i ate beagle it was so Delicious you should try it if you have a chance i fell asleep after 1 hour i think i was tired after all. it past 3 hours so we went on the plane and when i say we i mean my family. so we got on the bus to take us to the plane haaaaaa
! i said this plan is tiny like only 30 people can go in it any way we had place i fell asleep while watching a movie. After 2 hours we landed in sorong then we got our lagage and went to a hotel but remember were not going to sorong were going to PAPUA yayy. then we had a car pick us up and went to the boat were going to my family’s hotel i said ahh im scared to jump on the boat it seems dangerous don’t worry iv done it lots of times said one person who works for us fine i did it yihuuuu im really lucky i said. after 2 hours we got to my hotel again yihuuuuuuuuuuu for me. THE END dant dant dant hahahahahaha bye. ENJOY

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