the wrong flight

wow we made it. O hello  you must be wondering way i said this okay this is how it started. One night at 10:00 clock it was time for as to go to the airport with a taxi and your probably wondering what kind of taxi a taxi the looks like a limousine. anyway so of we went. when we got to the airport and wanted to do the check in we found out that are flight really was on Thursday night we were so disappointed but the check in girl said if you wait until  12:30 you might have chances if people miss our flight cause 7 people missed it yesterday so we waited and waited and i got bored then it was 12:30the girl said there are three people missing and there was three of as we could not make are mind if only me my mom and brother should go and my grandma should go tomorrow. the we decided that me my mom and brother should go and my grandma should go tomorrow. I was so upset that my grandma had to go tomorrow and it took a long time to go there. Anyway it was time for us to go and we were late and every one was waiting for us. whow we got on the plane we were so tired. As soon as the plane left the airport me my mom and my brother fell a sleep. At 8:00clock in the morning we landed at the Sorong airport me and my brother were really tried for sleeping a lot and i know that sounds weird. So anyway when we landed we landed at sorong airport it was so bad stinky grouse and THERE WAS NO TOILET i needed to go pee so badly because the flight was 4 hours non stop but i did not feel anything because i was sleeping i was suffering. anyway after we got the luggage we went t the royal memberamo hotel then we had a nice journey to raja ampat.


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