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Hello!! We are recently in Papua, Raja Ampat at our resort. We have went diving a couple if times and have really enjoyed it!❤️ We are going to hed back to Sydney on Sunday though, which really sucks. By the way we moved to Sydney a couple of months ago and me and my brother have started a new school which we both really like. This was just a short check in to fill you guys up on whats going on.

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Marine Megafauna Foundation

MR fundraising poster

I’m volunteering for this foundation to raise 5,000USD. I want to help people realize that killing mantas and and eating them is just cruel. Mantas are also a part of nature and they deserve better. People are making big businesses for fisheries who are selling their gills to be used in soups and traditional Chinese medicine which is a horrible thing. People have to stop this. Mantas are a part of life there like us. Think about it, if you were a Manta how would you feel? Think about that, would you want to be hunted down? Every year Mantas are decreasing because people are killing them to make useless things people have to STOP. Its just a matter of time till they don’t live anymore. You have to help stop this. Please help me and my fellow mantas.

There are many ways you can join the Marine Megafauna Foundation and support our work! Our three most popular ways include: our Marine Guardian Program, our Adopt-a-Giant Program and our Megafauna Sponsorship Program.

If you would simply like to send a donation to support MMF in general or any of our specific research programs (Manta Ray Program, Whale Shark Program, Sea Turtle Program, Conservation Program, Education Program) you can nominate your own donation amount or send a check to The Marine Megafauna Foundation at 3024 Frandoras Circle Oakley, California, 94561 USA. Which ever method you choose, please make a notation of what you would like your donation to go towards! And write me back about the amount you donated, so I can track whether I approach to my goal of raising 5000 USD or not.

Thank you for choosing to support our vital research and helping us to safeguard these magnificent sea creatures for future generations!

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Opening presents

As soon as I woke I dashed of to my mums room. “Mum mum wake up it’s Christmas. Let’s open the present please.”
“Ok. Let’s go then.” At the living room was a tree and a bunch of presents under it. “Which one should I open first”
“Okay then I’ll open this one first……. OMG its a sweater this perfect we’re going to Paris and Germany and they are both gonna be really cold and maybe snowing. Thanks mum.” There so many other gifts and they were all beautiful. Thank you everyone for your Christmas presents.

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My Vacation

I went to Turkey. I was so excited because I have not seen it there for a long time. When I got there I was so happy, but the bad  thing  was that our luggage  came one hour after we landed at Istanbul. Later we went to go find my grandma and grandpa so we could go to their house to stay for a week. That week we got to do many fun stuff with my family with my aunts ,uncles, cousins and my new baby cousin who was so cute. We went  to a park that I`ve been going to since I was little. I really enjoyed going there.

Then we were going to go on a road trip to Izmir, Cesme, Ayvalik and last but not least Bodrum. It was so fun in Cesme because  you can eat ice cream in a melon and it was really really good and we also went to a castle which was so cool. For dinner we had this really nice meat . At Ayvalek we went on a boat ride that was really fun. The fish was delicious. In Izmir i ate the best toast in my life but i was very sick so i was not so happy. i had really high fever but it got better.

Then we went to Bodrum, the highlight of my vacation. All aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa, and my cousins. We went to the Bodrum castle it was very cool. While swimming the water was so cold like ice. Bodrums fish was the best and so so so so delicious. Then we had to go back to Jakarta.

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The hospital I was born in

I arrived at Istanbul yesterday morning. We had breakfast with a big group of people, and my aunts, my grandma, my grandpa and a couple of friends of my parents. When we went for lunch, we went past the hospital I was born in. I was surprised that it was so big. WOW

2014-06-28 13.37.12

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In three days were going to Turkey, the place I was born,  first time in three years

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rainyest day ever

today it been raining since 2:30 in the morning. everyone was fed up me my mom and my
brother fell asleep I woke up in 30 min and start looking at gymnastics videos because im a gymnast. Then my mom woke and and made me lanch in the mean time my brother was still sleeping and it was still raining and know its 2:30 pm and its still rainingrain

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my trip to papua

shhhhhhh! i am in the plane i am not suppose to be no the computer i am scared that iam gonna get goth here comes the waiter here comes an anaonsing (The plane is going to land fasten your seat belt) i did i looked out the window and said wow it looks beautiful from up here i could feel the plane going down the captain opened up th e wheels and we landed in makasar but that’s not where we were going we were going to Papua for our spring break we landed in makasar for the plan change ahhhhhhhh! i said were gonna wait here for 3 hours i cant wait that long i will probably fall a sleep cause im tired from staying awake since 9:30 to 1:30 it to longgggg any way we went to star bucks i ate beagle it was so Delicious you should try it if you have a chance i fell asleep after 1 hour i think i was tired after all. it past 3 hours so we went on the plane and when i say we i mean my family. so we got on the bus to take us to the plane haaaaaa
! i said this plan is tiny like only 30 people can go in it any way we had place i fell asleep while watching a movie. After 2 hours we landed in sorong then we got our lagage and went to a hotel but remember were not going to sorong were going to PAPUA yayy. then we had a car pick us up and went to the boat were going to my family’s hotel i said ahh im scared to jump on the boat it seems dangerous don’t worry iv done it lots of times said one person who works for us fine i did it yihuuuu im really lucky i said. after 2 hours we got to my hotel again yihuuuuuuuuuuu for me. THE END dant dant dant hahahahahaha bye. ENJOY

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The baby kitten

When me and my family were going to a friends birthday party we fond a baby cat on the street he was meowing and his eyes were still closed and it was raining. So my dad jump out of the car and grabbed the baby kitten he was so cold and had scratches. we did not have any were to put it so we put it in a teaşu box it was about 2-3 inches long it could not even eat real cat food yet she does not even know how to walk kitten-orange-and-white1

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the wrong flight

wow we made it. O hello  you must be wondering way i said this okay this is how it started. One night at 10:00 clock it was time for as to go to the airport with a taxi and your probably wondering what kind of taxi a taxi the looks like a limousine. anyway so of we went. when we got to the airport and wanted to do the check in we found out that are flight really was on Thursday night we were so disappointed but the check in girl said if you wait until  12:30 you might have chances if people miss our flight cause 7 people missed it yesterday so we waited and waited and i got bored then it was 12:30the girl said there are three people missing and there was three of as we could not make are mind if only me my mom and brother should go and my grandma should go tomorrow. the we decided that me my mom and brother should go and my grandma should go tomorrow. I was so upset that my grandma had to go tomorrow and it took a long time to go there. Anyway it was time for us to go and we were late and every one was waiting for us. whow we got on the plane we were so tired. As soon as the plane left the airport me my mom and my brother fell a sleep. At 8:00clock in the morning we landed at the Sorong airport me and my brother were really tried for sleeping a lot and i know that sounds weird. So anyway when we landed we landed at sorong airport it was so bad stinky grouse and THERE WAS NO TOILET i needed to go pee so badly because the flight was 4 hours non stop but i did not feel anything because i was sleeping i was suffering. anyway after we got the luggage we went t the royal memberamo hotel then we had a nice journey to raja ampat.


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